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"...passionate performance roller-coaster tied up in
pleather pants and sequin stilettos."



A rocker raised on a well balanced diet of Michael Jackson, Pat Benatar, and a plateful of glitter. This Iowa girl has left a memorable impact on stages from Los Angeles to New York -- with stops at "American Idol" and "Cabaret In The Courtyard" in between. Touring on the heels of her pop/rock album "Diamonds In The Blackout" - this Iowa native performs with a flair for the dynamic and theatrical; she's most easily described -- can she be easily described? -- as a "passionate performance roller-coaster tied up in pleather pants and sequin stilettos." Or as one musical critic wrote, “when Alisabeth sings, the neon rainbow melts into a swirling puddle."


Born in the small town of Marion, Iowa, Alisabeth’s musical career began when she won the blue ribbon at 9 years old in a local talent show. More than a decade later, Alisabeth would be wowing judges in another "talent show" of sorts -- drawing the attention of judges Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban on American Idol: Season 12, which saw her advance to the Hollywood Round.

And now for the "unofficial" bio
I used to put on a shows in my living room and charge one penny for admission. I’d do costume changes using old dance recital costumes and would make my younger cousins be my back-up dancers. I’d turn tablecloths into stage curtains and remix myself singing songs with nine other harmonies of myself via cassette. Who I am today most definitely stems from moments like this in my childhood. Also the fact that my family never missed a living room show and fully supported me then just as much as they support me now. The drive to entertain has always been inside of me. The living room shows are essentially what you see on stage today — just in a bigger way. And minus the tablecloth.




I’m honored to share my story with the world through lyrics and melodies - and hope through my music I am able to help others find the words to tell their individual stories.

I believe in promoting a REAL WOMEN body image - the power to help instill confidence in our youth through music - and the belief that dreams are achievable.

I work daily to improve who I am as a person as well as a musician - and love taking other artists along with me on this crazy glitter-filled journey.

Life is too short to stand still, so always wear shoes you can dance in.

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