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"Never Lost" - Alisabeth Von Presley

"Never Lost" - Alisabeth Von Presley

AVP and her two incredible dancers Shelby and Elizabeth bring to life the first publicly released song from her new album PINK RENEGADE: COLORBURN which comes out JULY 24, 2021. This is one of the songs from the 45 minute set performed at Theatre Cedar Rapids for their in-home concert series during the pandemic. More info on tour dates, album release, iTunes, etc: WWW.ALISABETHVONPRESLEY.COM Back Up Dancers: Elizabeth Kimmel + Shelby Zukin Choreography by: Alisabeth Von Presley + Elizabeth Kimmel Song by: Alisabeth Von Presley + Tim King Album: Pink Renegade | Colorburn Light Design: Farrar Design - S. Benjamin Farrar Videography: Scott Abing Editor: TINT A Visual Co. Music Engineer: Mark Allen Vocal Engineer: Tim King Production Assistants: Bob Huffman + Lisa Kelly Technical Assistance: Ben Lauer + Chris Rich Produced by: Theatre Cedar Rapids LYRICS: Are you miserable? The way you look at me The way you grit your teeth Feels like you’d rather go And everything between Is everything beneath us Waves crash right onto the shoreline I’m weightless, you don’t have the right To make me miserable Cause I’m never, no I’m never, I’m never lost I’m burning them down, every bridge that you cross Cause I’m never lost, I’m never lost I’m taking you out, I don’t care what it costs I’m never lost, but you? Are you terrified? The pressure in your veins The color starts to drain I see it in your eyes So you could never be The one that I could need, no Winds carve and scatter the mountains And these scars prove time and again that I'm not terrified Cuz I'm never, no I'm never, I'm never lost I’m burning them down, every bridge that you cross Cause I’m never lost, I’m never lost I’m taking you out, I don’t care what it costs I’m never lost, but you? There’s no turning back now, there’s no turning back now I’m stronger than that now, I’m stronger than that now There’s no turning back now, I’m stronger than that now You’re bound to react how the weaker attack; you’re out. I’m never… I'm gonna burn them down Every bridge you've crossed Cause it still won't be worth All the pain you've caused I'm gonna take you out And I don't care the cost You're nowhere to be found And I'm never lost
"Paparazzi" - Alisabeth Von Presley

"Paparazzi" - Alisabeth Von Presley

Wow did 2020 put up a good battle against everything we thought was "normal", including our minds. Forms of artistic validation became contactless, virtual and empty. I created content in my small apartment, recorded songs in my bathtub and filmed music videos using only my cell phone and a pizza box for it to balance on. I created so many new things but... I couldn't bring myself to post any of my work. It didn't feel genuine. I didn't know WHY I was making these videos. Who cared to see them amidst a pandemic? Why would someone want to watch me sitting at my piano in a pretty dress when people were sick and hurting? Some would say #midlifecrisisAVP was a damn wreck. But only through this pandemic could I realize my ACTUAL worth. Strip away the band and the set, the dancers and the stage and what was I left with? Just me. Things started to come into perspective (which is my word of 2021). What I held weight in was a fickle sense of a performance career based on "likes" and "follows". I could easily judge if I was "good enough" by how many people attended my concert. But my actual WORTH is tied to none of these things. My worth is not based on how many people attend my shows but in the quality of work and authenticity of self that I put out there in everything I do. So hopefully this year you can release yourself from the shackles of the number of "shares" you recieve and know that your authenticity is worth more than that. I feel. I create. I repeat. #HugAMusician #VirtuallyOfCouse This video was shot and edited by me right outside the door to my apartment (#rebel). All of this footage was shot with a cell phone (the Google Pixel). The vocals were recorded in my bathtub (cuz... great acoustics!!) and the hands and extra "Alisabeths" were recorded using a tripod (and a lot of curse words during editing because the tripod got bumped and moved slightly). ENJOY!! and check out more of my ridiculous videos at Original song written and performed by The Queen herself, Miss Lady Gaga
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