"Modern, hair band hero, Alisabeth Von Presley, is keeping glitter rock alive with powerfully personal lyrics and all the glam and glitz you could want. Her music is rooted in her own life experiences and inspires her fans to find their own voice."


“Alisabeth not only has a powerhouse voice, but she’s got amazing energy and a well produced show. It’s not just a band up there, but a full spectacle.  This show should be on the road as part of a national touring act.  

Yes, it’s that good.”


"Working with Alisabeth is an absolute honor! She is incredibly talented and professional in her work and she will create a memorable experience for any crowd. From setup to teardown - from the start of the show to the very end - we cannot say enough good things about our experience with AVP and we look forward to working with her more in the future!" 


Von Presley’s shows are Lady Gaga meets Pat Benatar with a dash of Michael Jackson, full of electric guitar, back-up dancers and “all-out girl power.”


“Alisabeth is an amazing young lady,” said Salucka, Vocal Music Instructor at Kirkwood. “She has a truly remarkable creative spirit and is multi-talented as a singer, dancer, actor, choreographer, photographer and I’m sure more. I’m not surprised at all to see her do well on Idol.”

Von Presley spent time in New York City, before moving back to Cedar Rapids and coming back to Kirkwood for the 2011-12 school year. She sang in the Concert Chorale, the Madrigal Choir, Jazz Transit, was a lead in Garden of Eden, and in the college’s production of Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Gondoliers."

Von Presley was also a member of Kirkwood’s internationally renowned Jazz Transit group that went to the Czech Republic and participated in the Festival of Academic Choirs in 2012. The group won a gold medal, and first place in the jazz division.

“There is something very special about her,” added Salucka. “She has an energy and positive outlook that is absolutely infectious. She’s made us so proud already. Hopefully we’ll see her go far in the competition and this will take her to even more exciting places.”


-   Kirkwood Newsletter,  2013 


"Former Student wins
American Idol Golden Ticket"





In reviewing her work, The Gazette writes that Alisabeth “owns every moment of every show she’s in. She is a tour de force who should be in New York, but we’re lucky she’s in Cedar Rapids.”


-   Hoopla,  2014 







"magic happens every time she steps into a spotlight"





Diana Nollen, The Gazette



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